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I snagged a link to one of those anime portrait makers from [personal profile] thearistocrats and noodled about with it briefly today.

Aidan is, of course, adorable. I'm not entirely happy with the clothing, and the collar should really have his tag on it, but they didn't have that as an option, and this is at least really close to his actual collar.

I wish I could put two tattoo marks on, because then I could get sooooooooooooooo close to being accurate. His forehead one is missing. I dunno, though, I almost left them off entirely, he's been toying with getting rid of them. Also he looks way too young here. Aidan is supposed to look like a teenager, but Oni is so not. Oh well. The outfit at least, is something he'd wear. Though I am sad that his hairstyle covers his earrings completely. They had the perfect ones. And I totally couldn't resist the little vampire bite mark. That would be from Aidan. :D Though Aidan's as likely to have bite marks from Oni too, even though Oni isn't a vampire.

I could do Serapha, I guess, but just picture Aidan, only female. And they wouldn't have the right clothes for her either. Everybody else in system isn't human enough for this to be terribly relevant.

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