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Working from first principles.
I try to keep my life fairly logical. It's a logic that treats emotions and beliefs as real things, mind, so to a certain flavor of STEM-lord sort it doesn't qualify, but honestly human beings feel emotions and hold beliefs, and pretending otherwise is, well... illogical.

My religious beliefs are constructed according to that logic, from a few foundational concepts. At their most basic, there are three.

1. There is a God.
2. God created this universe.
3. God communicates to humans through visions and spiritual experiences.

I can't prove them. My only evidence for them are said spiritual experiences, and that gets a bit recursive. I recognize that I may be wrong. But I prefer to believe these things are correct. And if they are, several things immediately follow.

This is long.Collapse )

So here I am, building some kind of personal little religion on my own. I'm having to go back to just those first three things and start all over again. I currently have no idea what I believe about a lot of stuff. It's a weird, unsteady, standing-on-quicksand kind of feeling.

But I'll take it over letting myself be misled by leaders who put bigotry and obsession with sin ahead of love any day.

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I still have faith
This is going to be longCollapse )

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Uh. Hello? Anybody out there?
So I notice that Nightstar appears to have completely hosed itself. Any of you oldbies still reading this thing? Is the network still around in any form at all? WTF is going on?

Super-duper-HUGE announcement
So today is my birthday (that's not the announcement), and I keep forgetting that it is and then being reminded. I celebrated it on Wednesday, because too much is going on this weekend.

One thing that went on this weekend was that I got a positive pregnancy test*.

Yep. Baby. Baby is a thing that will be happening. I am pretty excited, needless to say.

This will affect my sewing business a bit, though. Assuming that it's a normal pregnancy, nothing goes wrong, I don't need to be put on bed rest, etc. I should be able to finish all my current commissions pretty much as scheduled. The baby is due in March, which coincidentally is when my commission list is full until. Pregnancy won't keep me from sewing, so all those projects should get done. Any future projects that people commission going forward, though, will be happening during "brand new baby that I need to care for" time, and thus I will be unable to offer any guaranteed deadlines of any kind.

I will still be taking commissions, and I will still guarantee that they'll be finished eventually, but I have no idea how much actual work time I'll have and how much time the baby will suck up, and how long it'll be before I have the energy to do anything like my normal work load. I don't make promises I can't keep, so I just won't be promising any deadlines at all for some time.

Anyhow, this is still pretty awesome, even if it is going to turn my life upside down. But I figured I should let people know. :3

*A few of you may be confused because I have answered to "he" and "him" and so on. I am "genderqueer", to use the simplest possible term for it. I'm totally happy with people assuming I'm male, I feel very masculine most of the time. Right now, for obvious reasons, I'm feeling more like a woman than usual. :D But male pronouns are still fine. Or female. Either way, really, I don't mind.

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Last call for pony plushes!
Well okay, not "last", since I will still be making pony plushes after the kickstarter is over, but if you want to back and get a plush this year rather than sometime next year, now's the time. The campaign ends Sunday afternoon, so you have just two days left to back.


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ONE WEEK! (Also, Discord!)

Just one week left to back my Embroidered Equines kickstarter.

And just one week left to enter my plush giveaway too.

Don't miss out!

And, in even more exciting news, we just reached the draconequus stretch goal! That means you can get Discord, or an OC draconequus, at any reward tier from $50 on up. I do not have examples of the one foot or three foot sizes, or of the bat pony version, as I haven't made any yet, but the Loonakit and beanie pictured here should give you some idea of what to expect.

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Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The kickstarter has funded!

Me, on camera.
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1285575774/embroidered-equines-20-cooler-pony-plushes <--this link now contains a video of me, rambling on about ponies and embroidery and showing off adorableness.

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Free stuff

In case you haven't already seen this elsewhere, I'm doing a giveaway "contest" that's super easy to enter. Details are on my tumblr.

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