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Super-rare items auction
I am getting out of Pokemon collecting. I've been out of Pokemon collecting for more than a year, honestly. All this stuff is just sitting in boxes, not being enjoyed. I figured somebody else should have the chance to own and enjoy these things. I have kept some of my favorite plushes, (and I still someday want to get all the eeveelution canvas!) but everything else is going.

Because it's been so long since I was involved in collecting, I have no idea what the current going value of any of this is. Rather than flailing about setting prices that are too high or too low, I'm having an auction. I will start everything at $1. Bid whatever price you think it's worth.

Sorry I don't have better photos. I am a very poor photographer. I've done my best, but tiny little zukans in particular are hard to photograph! Click for larger pics.

Auction Rules
-Auction will end at 5pm pacific time on Saturday, Jan 12. No sniping, last minute bids will extend the auction by 15 minutes to give other bidders a chance to respond. (Here's a timer)
-Paypal only. Please pay within three days of the auction's end. If I do not have your payment by then, the next highest bidder will get it.
-This is an auction, but *not* a GA. You'll be responsible for the full price of your bid, plus shipping.
-I will calculate and charge exact shipping. However if your bid (or the total of all your bids) is over $20 I'll ship for free inside the USA. If your bid (or the total of all your bids) is over $50 I'll ship for free internationally as well.
-I ship USPS first class mail, without insurance, unless you specifically ask for something else.
-Everything here is used. Most of it has been used only by me, and as such is in mint or near mint condition. The following have flaws: Rapidash kids are all at least slightly scuffed, some more than others. Servine plush has a black discoloration on his side. It may wash off, it may not. There may also be other flaws I haven't noticed, I am not a "mint only" collector, so sometimes I miss things. If you're worried about the exact condition of a specific item, feel free to ask for more photos.
-All these sales are as-is, no returns. I'm selling these things because I'm getting out of Pokemon collecting. I don't want them back.

Sales permission acquired from denkimouse on May 17 2010.

Here's a handy link to my feedback.

P.S. I am also getting rid of my small collection of Littlest Pet Shop figures, see here: http://bladespark.livejournal.com/1448084.html

Auction is over! Everyone should have their bid totals. Thanks to you all. :)

Questions about the auction or the items go here! (Remember though, this is not a GA even if it kind of looks like one.)

Ohai bladespark :D nice to see you come by! Get ready to watch that ninetails/vulpix zukan BLOW UP I know people who have been looking for one of those forever. Sorry to see that you're done with collecting but guess you can use the money to buy lots of fabric for awesome ponystuffs right? ^^

Bulbasaur Pokedoll
Starts at $1

Snivy Pokemon Center plush
Starts at $1

Servine Pokemon Center plush
Starts at $1

Serperior Pokedoll
Starts at $1

Mincinno Pokemon Center plush
Starts at $1

Dratini Applause plush
Starts at $1

.. I can't help it.

starty starty.

Ditto Pikachu plush, w. box art
Starts at $1

Rapidash dice box set (Box, one large dice, three small dice, random other stuff pictured.)
Starts at $1

Burger King Rapidash toy
Starts at $1

Jakks posable Ponyta
Starts at $1

Rearing Rapidash kid
Starts at $1

Sitting Rapidash kid
Starts at $1

Rapidash pencil topper
Starts at $1