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Strange holiday
It doesn't feel like it's been Christmas this year. I guess not much holiday stuff happened. I didn't have any presents to open today, and there was no tree or any of that... just ham and potatoes with the inlaws. Nice, but pretty low-key.

It probably doesn't help that I've sent most of the day watching American Ninja Warrior. :D Not my usual holiday tradition, but fun.

The Solstice felt like a holiday, so I wasn't robbed or anything... but it's just kind of strange.

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I'm sorry my gift will be late (story of my life, really), but I hope you like it!

To be honest, it really just hasn't FELT like Christmas this year! Not sure if it's because we didn't get the trees up until a week ago or what. Christmas snuck up on us.
*hugs* Love you.

*hugs back* Everyone's late this year. XD My mom sent me money a few weeks ago, but I'm getting my first actual present tomorrow! I think it's just been one of those years for a lot of people.

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