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Writing Projects list
Finished, ready to post:

Marshmallow Fluff
Clair de Lune

Finished, needing editing:

Spark to Light a Candle
Over the Moon
Marshmallow Stuffing
Always Hungry
Dark Sun
Tender is the Night
Amator Solis (and Prank)


Gray and Ember
Pony cats
Puppy play Celestia

Contest/Publication call stories:

Gorgonies??? (Mar 3)

Promised to the fans stories in progress:

Honey Pie

Publication Cycle
Spark to Light a Candle
One Shot
Clair de Lune
Honey Pie III
One Shot

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Oh! You're writing prolifically nowadays? Thrilled to see your post. I sometimes wonder how you and yours are doing. I'd post more specific geographical and familial references, but, you know--- the Internet. :D

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