SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote,
SPark, the Purple Dragon

Today is it spring

It's been spring for a while. Warm weather arrived early this year, and we honestly are very late getting things planted and such. Fortunately much of the garden is perennial, most of my herbs, the raspberries, the blueberries, so it's only the tomatoes and basil that we have to put in every year.

They're all in the ground now, and we did at least get well-established plants, so we shouldn't be too delayed, though I'll probably end up buying farmer's market tomatoes and basil at least once before we get any I can use.

Also my rosemary is blooming! I should take pictures. They're very pretty little flowers.

I'd meant to repot it into a bigger container this year, but just... bleh. Time, energy, etc. and now I suspect it's too late and I'd do it some harm repotting now, you're supposed to do that while it's dormant if you can. I think. I am far from an expert.

The parsley is leafing out, and I trimmed all last year's dead stems. The sage is doing the same, though its harder to trim, it just drops leaves, it doesn't let the stems die back. The rosemary, as I said, is doing great, I *really* need to re-pot it next year, it's already huge for the container it's in. The thyme looks a little yellow, we forgot to fertilize until today, so that might be related? Maybe it'll perk up now. But it's spread a ton, it's in the pot with the rosemary, and it's creeping over its feet a bit now. Which is another reason why I should have repotted them apart already, but oh well.

I love gardening. I'm actively bad at it. I kill things. But tomatoes and herbs are relatively hardy (they seem to do pretty well being mostly forgotten about for long stretches) and I just love the sense of connecting to plants, nature, the earth, etc. If I believed in elemental alignments (I don't, but still) I would definitely be Earth. I'm terrified of heights and I need that connection, whether through gardening or hiking, or whatever else, regularly. (With just a dash of fire. And most of my family or origin is water, as is the goober child, who is obsessed with the stuff and adores swimming, which I merely tolerate for her sake.)

Now I am relaxing with a cider and getting a little bit of sewing done while watching Youtube videos, which is also good! Productive yet still relaxing weekends FTW.

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