SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote,
SPark, the Purple Dragon

I must be a masochist...

...or I wouldn't like so many sadists.

(Oh my *god* my local girlfriend just pulled the WORST POSSIBLE PRANK. Although it's not entirely a prank, it's half serious. Such a sadist.)

While I'm writing, I need to get back on a posting schedule, so kinda for my info, but whatever:
Monday: Patreon
Tuesday: AO3
Wednesday: Fimfic
Thursday: Sofurry and Furaffinity
Friday: artwork variously
Saturday: Fetlife
Sunday: nowhere I guess?

The true madness of this content production schedule is that for the time being, at least, each of these locations is getting completely different content from the others, so I'm posting unique (mostly) new content six days a week. That won't last, of course, but it'll last a month or two, at least.

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