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I had an interesting conversation with a guy during the after-church coffee social hour. I left the goober at home this week, so I could talk to adults and not just chase her around the room and keep her from tipping over the chalice or whatever.

He asked me how I was liking things, since I was new, and I responded that I very much enjoyed a religion where the focus is on making this world better, and not worrying about heaven or hell.

And he said that since they were universalists, everyone was getting into heaven anyway, so there was nothing much to worry about, really.

It occurred to me that this is probably a large part of why the church is the way it is. The current literature treats the universalist thing as history, not current doctrine, because they don't have doctrine as such, they're a dogma-free religion, which is fascinating in and of itself, but I think that the universalism is a big part of how a Christian sect ends up becoming a bunch of half-agnostic Humanist-leaning activists rather than just another bunch of Christians.

Because if everyone is going to haven regardless, there's no need for the church to focus on sin and salvation. That's already sorted. So what else is there to worry about? Well, this life we've got now, and bettering it. Which means activism, in one form or another. Thinking about it like that, the UU going from being one more bunch of Christians to being "post-Christian" (the pastor called it that today) activists seems almost inevitable.

And it still suits me just fine, though I really need to get better at being out about my trans status/pronouns. It's just really hard to get over a lifetime of burying that stuff, even when I know intellectually that at least 99% of the people there are going to be accepting of it.

Also, I sorta low-key hate people who name girls Aidan. Grrrrr. Introducing myself with an obviously male name should be all it takes to make it clear, but now this stupid trend has robbed me of that entirely. Normally I'm not for gender essentialism, but for fucks's sake, my life would be so much simpler if Aidan was like David or Steve or whatever. And instead it's become this dumb, trendy, neutral name, and just... Sigh.

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