SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote,
SPark, the Purple Dragon

Yep, the muse is still a nutter.

My muse finally got going again, and of course she wants to write weird smut.

So weird smut it is!

Have I mentioned the Good Omens fic that was supposed to be a kink fic but has turned into a thing about cosmic power? Yeah, that one.

It *is* still also a kink fic, and I just finished a hot sex scene, although I need to go back and fix something, as it's got a damn plot hole, I forgot my own flipping head canon. Oh well. Now I'm about to write an action-y bit that has Crowley fighting some other demons. Hopefully I can think up some good things to have happen. I'm not really good at action.

I think I'm in the home stretch, though. I just have to write this action scene, a climactic confrontation scene, and then a winding down and one final sex scene.

It's 25k words right now. Probably around 35k and a dozen chapters when it's done? It'll give me something fresh to post to AO3 once it's ready.

I've been uploading the last of my ponyfics there, and I was planning on finishing by putting up my short story collections and Ember's, the changeling brothel vignette/sex-positivity thing, on some kind of weekly schedule, because that one deserves to have time and space to shine, but I might post this alternating with that stuff.

It'll go up in one read-as-you-like chunk for Patreon patrons as soon as it's done, of course. :3 I'm not making enough there right now to truly justify writing original Patreon content, but I am still going to give folks there first look at everything for as long as I'm getting any money at all.

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