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Sunday Six
Proof that I write ridiculously long and convoluted sentences. Yes, this really is just six.

Aziraphale should have felt fear, he knew, but still all he felt was anger, and the boil began to really roll as he thought about what Beelzebub was trying to do. They were trying to reduce Crowley to a miserable life of servitude, something that was all the more horrific for the way it was a twisted perversion of the sort of beautiful submission that Crowley had willingly gifted him.

As his anger rose, he felt the black power that was always at the back of his mind now rising too, responding to that anger, and a sudden smile crossed his face as realization settled into place in his mind. It was a smile Crowley might have recognized, though few others would have seen it, for it was a smile of nearly sadistic enjoyment.

He snapped his wings into existence, rainbow-sheened and dark, and he felt a black halo gathering behind his head. “So these chains here,” he said brightly, rattling the manacles around his wrists, “these bind
holy power, you said?”

From the kink-fic-turned-cosmic-powers-and-fight-with-Hell-thing. Which is called Angel's Grace Loosed and Black Starfire Bound, and yes I know that's an absurd title. It's an absurd story. :D Nearly done, too, I just have to write the wrap up scene and probably one last sex scene.

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