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Rough draft of Black Starfire is done.

There has been a little niggle of worry that starting posting before I'd finished the final scene was a bad idea and I'd jinxed it, and it wouldn't get done. I don't normally do that, because I HATE getting "but where is the rest?" comments. I know they're always meant as "I loved this so I want more!" but they read as "Write for me, slave! Feel guilt if you don't!"

But thankfully that won't be a worry this time. It's all done, I just need to do a little editing. Always open for anybody who wants to beta read for me, btw.

I'm off now to put the draft up for my patrons. Got a new one today, which also has me just over the moon. <3 Been so long since I added anybody, it's only been shrinking, so that's really nice.

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