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Getting my shit together on Patreon

I finally have the Goober's school schedule for this fall, and while for some reason it's only two days, not three like I was told, it's also three hours a day, not two like her previous class. That doubles my amount of completely goober-free time, since previously I'd been getting just six hours a week. (The times when she's asleep before I am don't really count, but if they did, it'd be another 2 hours a day, roughly. Some days it doesn't happen, though.)

I'm hoping this means I can get more work done. Mostly my "real" work of sewing, but also some writing. I'm trying to get back on the ball for my Patrons. I've been releasing things over the summer, but in a pretty scattershot and disorganized way.

Today, though, I got back on track with the release of a new chapter of Blood and Fire, a fantasy M/M romance novel I've been publishing for the Patrons a chapter a month.

In the long, long ago I wrote a completely different thing called Blood and Fire, which this is technically a re-write of, but the old one was my two roleplaying characters romancing each other, and it was...not great. I mean, people have published worse, but still. I loved a few things about the overall plot structure, and a couple of specific moments, though, so I mercilessly raided it for the new, much better version.

I also am going to be releasing a bunch of the short stories I wrote intended for Amazon, when I was going to be an Amazon e-book author. People kept saying that if you write good smut, there's money there, but they lied. :P Or rather they massively underestimated the over-saturation of the market and the nigh-impossibility of a new author making any headway in it these days.

So if you like original fantasy erotica, mostly M/M but with occasional M/F/M, you should consider becoming a patron, because there will be lots more of it up there in the coming months. (If you visit that link, the banner art is the Blood and Fire characters, btw. <3 I didn't draw it, I commissioned it, but I adore it.)

And of course patrons always get early access to my fanfic. In fact my patrons on Discord got to request a short story last week, which I'm nearly done with, and they picked a Human/Pony second person smutfic as the topic. So that'll be up today or tomorrow, probably.

Speaking of fanfic, to get away from the sales pitch here, I'm having so much fun with Good Omens fics still. Although of course I've gotten several completely stuck and stalled. But I'm continuing to make progress with the Fallen Aziraphale thing. It's not going to be a smut fic, but I'm building a little sexual tension right now anyway, because these two, how could they not?

Also in progress:
A Vampire Hunter AU, where Aziraphale is a descendant of Van Helsing and Crowley is a vampire.
A thing titled "Pity I can't inhabit yours" in which turns out Aziraphale can, and does possess Crowley's body.
A het pairing thing (gasp!) where Crowley chose a female corporation right at the start, that actually isn't going to end up het at all, more genderqueer. I'm probably baiting somebody there, but oh well. :D
A little wallowing in misery bit with Crowley being deeply upset about the Spanish Inqusition and Aziraphale comforting him.
And maybe a smutfic about them swapping bodies, dunno, that one's a weak idea, but I wrote a couple of paragraphs.

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