SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote,
SPark, the Purple Dragon

Note to self about what I should be remembering to post.

Well, note to people interested in my writing too. :3

"Ink Black", a Good Omens story whose working title was "First Alternate Plumage" but I didn't feel like explaining it, and it's a bit too nerdy for most people to get and didn't tun out to *really* work anyway since 90% of the fic wandered away from being wing-focused, though there's still wing stuff in it here and there.

Ahem. I ramble. Ink Black is ready to to up on Patreon tomorrow! It'll start posting on AO3 sometime the following week, but it's a multi-chapter one, so it'll run for a week or two before it's all up there. It'll all be up on Patreon at once, though.

A HFY (Humanity Fuck Yeah, a sci-fi genre were humanity scares the snot out of aliens by being variously bad-ass and/or bugnuts reckless) story I never did stick up for the patrons called The Galaxy's Smallest Rampage should go up the week after. I dunno why so much of my HFY stuff ends up comedy when it's not usually my genre. I guess it's hard for me to take "humans are better than everyone" seriously at all, so I have to make it silly. It's fun, though!

The week after that the first of an original queer fairy tale romance series titled The Elf, the Prince, and the White Dove will go up. Part one is called Dare to go a Hunting, and involves a human prince being carried off by a magical horse to a fairy realm.

That should take us through the end of the month, so after that November's chapter of Blood and Fire will be posted. And probably some more Good Omens by then, too.

Assuming I have my shit together and don't forget any of that. :3 But it's nice to have a month's worth of stuff lined up. At least I don't have to stress about needing to write. Every single other thing in my life, but not needing to write.

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