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I mean, all I did with my three free hours is run errands and eat at Panera. But getting all the errands out of the way today means Wednesday is free for napping or for actually sewing shit. And hell, Friday is a whole wonderland of free time with nothing at all needing to fill it! Just my choice of relaxing or actually getting shit done! (Which is to say, Goober started school today. Woo! Three hours twice a week, plus her six hour visit to Grandma = 12 whole hours without a toddler underfoot every week, woo!)

Speaking of Panera... I needed to kill half an hour, and the Panera was right there, so I thought I'd go and get a light lunch. Ended up settling on a bowl of soup because tbh a sandwich is almost never actually light. Especially not big, honking restaurant sandwiches.

I got "harvest squash" I think it was called? And I believe I had dessert for lunch. It was SO SWEET. Like candy sweet. Like I drank a pumpkin pie sweet. Like it would be sweeter than I prefer my pie, in fact. Holy shit. I didn't finish it, because once I was through the bread that came with it, eating it straight was so sugary it was sickening, so I gave up and left it.

And to understand that, I must tell you that I grew up poor and food insecure, so I have a horror of wasting food. I pride myself on managing things in our kitchen so that I almost never throw out food at all. (If I do, a solid 80% of the time it "belongs to JJ" and is something I was leaving for him and he never got around to, because he doesn't give a shit.)

Yeah, that's how sickeningly sweet it was.

I mean, I make a sweet-and-savory squash casserole, I get that squash lends itself to a sweet profile, but this was just over the top, tbh. What the fuck, Panera. What the fuck Panera's customers. What. The. Fuck.

P.S. Posted a story to Patreon! I'm trying to get back in my posting groove, so every Monday should have new Patreon content now. And every Tuesday should have AO3 content, and every Wednesday should have either Fimfic or Furaffinity story stuff, while Thurs. and Fri. should have plush/costume/etc. stuff on Furaffinity and DA and weasyl and I think that's all right now. :D Hopefully. Wish me luck with that.

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