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Write Every Day, December 1st

I thought I'd start off December (since I haven't had any time/peace to write yet today) by looking at the goals I had for last month's writing, and see how I did.

Finish at *least* one chapter of Star Tiger. Preferably two.
I feel bad about this, because this story is for my biggest Patron and a close friend, (and is a very fun story!) and yet it's going soooooooooo slowly. I did finish the scene I was stuck on at the start of the month, and another scene, but I'm halfway through the one that will end this chapter, and haven't even started the next.

Write at least a thousand words more on the next Ember's chapter. Maybe finish it?
Success on the thousand words! No joy on finishing.

Finish Untitled Celestia Fic (two more chapters needed.)
Complete success here, it was written, edited, posted to Patreon, and posted publicly. The whole process complete, yay!

Get one bingo on the Trans bingo card. (Four more stories needed.)
Not even close. I wrote about 90% of one story, it's basically done but needs a final coda of some kind. I noodled a bunch of ideas for further stories, but didn't write anything. Oh well, this wasn't vital, but I do still want to keep at it.

I also did some stuff not on the goal list, including a short HFY story, and the intro to a Beauty and the Beast retelling I thought was good, though I've no plans to continue with that right now.

So overall I didn't do as much as I'd have liked, but given how rough the month was, I feel pretty satisfied all the same.

My goals for December are mostly to finish the stuff I didn't do in November, especially the Star Tiger and Ember's chapters, as well as finish another HFY story I've started. I think I'll be content if I can do that much, since I know it's going to be a stressful, busy month.

Written for Dec 1:
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