SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote,
SPark, the Purple Dragon

Further adventures in pigment.

They came today!

The thermocolors even came in little jars rather than baggies, and had a set of (baggied) neon colors as an extra freebie. Very thrilled at that.

The mini samples were all in baggies, and I've transferred the ones I feel I'm most likely to use into my own jars. I'm out of tiny jars now, gotta buy more. (Also, Red #7 is a *bitch*. Sorry not sorry. It stains everything, and it's actually magenta, not red.)

The actual purpose of this journal, though, is mostly as a note to self. I've obviously got to go ahead and spring for some cadmium red. Toxic yes, not-really-red-and-stains no. Also I still need white and black! And probably green, I got some nice chromium green, but the pigment seems to have partially bonded to the baggie and I couldn't get it all out, and since it was such a teensy sample, that means I don't have much.

Chromium red.
Titantium white.
Any black.
Any green.
Maybe another blue? One I have is a cyan, could use more of a prussian or a cobalt.

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