SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote,
SPark, the Purple Dragon

We are not the sort of people who jet off to Hawaii.

But apparently next month we're going to jet off to Hawaii.


Yesterday I was whining about being stuck home with a sick kid. She had a low fever and was just tired and "off", so nothing wild or dire, but given that our usual babysitter is elderly and struggles recovering from a simple cold, and given I couldn't possibly in good conscience hire somebody new in this situation (the babysitter *will* get sick, you *have* to touch the kid) I figured that was that.

JJ's boss, though, apparently really wanted me present last night, for reasons that are now apparent. He said that if the kid wasn't that sick, we should just bring her, and it'd be fine, no worries.

I thought he was a little nuts, but okay, we brought her. She ended up napping on my lap or on the bench next to me (we claimed bench seats for that reason) the whole time, so it was fine.

Meanwhile an excellent dinner and very nice drinks happen, and the boss guy, who is a *very* good boss, and who really likes doing extravagant nice things for people (he's the kind of middling-wealthy person who has a collection of $100+ bottles of whisky and will just pour your a shot if you express any interest in any of them at all, as I found out at a holiday event at his house last year. I was all "look, I don't have a super refined palate, you don't have to give me the good stuff" but he insisted. That kinda guy.)


So meanwhile dinner is winding down a bit, and the boss guy gets up to announce some awards and prizes. He talks about who he picked for employee of the year and why, without naming names, just going on for a bit about what this guy does, and I'm sitting there thinking "Gosh, there must be two people like that at the place, because JJ was picked last year, and nobody gives employee of the year to the same guy twice..." Then he says that the reward this fine person will get is a trip to Hawaii, and I'm thinking "Man, that'd be nice, but really it's just as well it's not us, arranging for taking the kiddo would be some work..."

Well, guess who it was?

Yup. Two years in a row. Boss guy was just beaming at us both as we're sitting there stunned. I'm sure our expressions were hilarious.

So guess who's going to fly to Hawaii with a toddler? :D She's actually pretty good on planes, so it's not a big deal, I just find it an extra hassle. I'm super relaxed and experienced flying by myself, but flying with her makes it impossible to have that same "I am totally on top of everything" feel. But I'll put up with it, because week-long paid for vacation in Hawaii, guys! WTF!

It's almost surreal, like this is the kind of thing that other people do. We take awesome but extremely budget road trips camping or carefully arranged Portland overnighters, not a whole week at a swank hotel in the tropics!

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