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I wrote!

I feel like Write Every Day was both really good for me, and also burned me out. I'm not the kind of person that can handle constant pressure, not even when it's low and has lots of positives. So I haven't been actively trying to write this last week.

But two days ago I had some thoughts about a story that had been stuck for ages, and last night the goober child's bedtime ended up giving me a few free minutes, wherein I wrote about 500 words and got the thing unstuck.

Today I've added another 2k to that! Whee! Might get in some more before I crash, too.

It's an oddball little project. Gay romance set in my Eternal Kingdom setting, which is the place my published stories Stallion Assassin and Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme are set.

Those are a tidy pair of examples of what the setting is for, because it's designed to be where I drop stories that I want to re-work from "not original/not all mine" to "original and all mine."

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme was always original, but it was also set in somebody else's homebrew roleplaying setting, where I used to play various characters. I wanted to remake that world and make it entirely my own. And I also was tired of heteronormativity, so I totally redid the story from straight to queer. :D

Stallion Assassin, meanwhile, was originally Legend of Zelda fanfic! (Based on Dark, still one of the most popular things I've ever written, certainly the biggest thing in a small fandom.) I just swapped from "whatever the heck Hylians are" to "were-horses" for reasons that seemed like a good idea at the time, and turned out really well in the end, so hey! (I mean, it was basically melding Link and Epona into one character, and then making Dark Link a horse too, that's all.)

So this is where I send fanfiction that I want to completely revamp. Ergo, when I decided that my fun porn story, Over The Moon would make a good original, I plopped it down there. But when I was done converting it, I wasn't happy with it. Over the Moon depended heavily on both people knowing Twilight and Luna, and on Clair de Lune, the story it was a sequel to. I felt that Clair de Lune, while something I loved and put a ton of feels into, just did not translate well outside of pony at all. And was indulgent fluff, and not a "real" story by certain metrics. They're silly metrics, but it's true that "I wrote this to revel in happy trans feels" is mostly only appealing to other trans people, it's not a broad story category. So I came up with the idea of giving Mathis and Auron, the Twilight and Luna in the revamped story, their own unique backstory. Mathis is still a librarian, Auron still a prince, and there's still a Nightmare Moon of sorts too, but everything else has been changed.

That's what I'm working on right now. An original M/M romance that started as an M/F pony porn sequel to a trans-centered indulgent fluff ponyfic. (I could write an essay on why the trans stuff didn't end up in, but it didn't. Although I want to do some more trans and genderfeels stories in this setting, I plan on putting one of my trans bingo pieces there. My headcanon has the Eternal Queen of the Eternal Kingdom having some genderfeels stuff going on, and I've had a bunch of notes for ideas of things to do with her/them, but it hasn't pinged my muse yet.)

Anyhow. Writing! I am off now to do more of it. The story is at its dramatic climax, at least the first, adventure-y one. The porno climax will happen after.

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