SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote,
SPark, the Purple Dragon

Genderfeel stories

After seeing [personal profile] musyc post about making a series for their favorite works, I realized that a series doesn't only have to be stories in the same setting with the same characters, and decided to do something similar. It's not my favorites, though, it's all my stories that have to do with gender identity in some way.

It's not actually every single story with a trans character, as I have some where characters who've already dealt with their genderfeels go through a story entirely passing as cis, and a reader wouldn't even know, necessarily, that they're trans. I'm not saying that trans people who pass aren't really trans, but rather that the point of the series is to collect stories about having genderfeels, so if it doesn't even get mentioned, I don't think the story belongs there just because it has a trans character.

Anyway, if you like stories with genderfeels, check out Bladespark's Genderfeel Stories.

P.S. I have a published "genderfeels" story too, in Three of Hearts which you can buy and read if you need more after reading the free stuff. :3

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