SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote,
SPark, the Purple Dragon


I'm writing the thing with the trans man and the uncanny crows and the were-raven who's Totally Not Sherlock Holmes (I mean, he's not, but also kinda he is a little.) It's SO STUPID but hopefully in the fun way. I mean, it's got the love interests tied together with a magical bond that's forcing them to share a bed so there's all kinds of dumb-ass awkward and they just had what should have been a discussion but then of course had !Sherlock pinning down the trans guy and ranting at him instead. Oops? So dumb.

I hate stories that play complete idiot ball, where the characters act like they haven't got two brain cells to rub together and the story is built on cringing. But being a little stupid about relationships is just... I dunno, the drama is part of the fun, you just have to walk a line that stops short of total idiot ball, which I hope I have.

At least I'm writing, and something potentially publishable, too! Woo! This entry was originally posted at

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