SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote,
SPark, the Purple Dragon

Making the beaten path

We went hiking today.

At least for a given value of "hiking" that includes having a four-year-old along, and also the unexpected discovery that the people who'd been clearing the storm deadfall across the road had given up about a mile short of the trailhead, so we had to walk the last bit, and didn't do much of the trail itself.

It was "crowded" for a trail that's in the middle of nowhere and not going to much that's really notable, which is to say that usually we share the trail with maybe one person and this time there were four cars parked there. I guess with nothing better to do, more people are hiking. A more popular trailhead we drove past on the way up, that usually has four or five cars in the lot, was packed. I mean, it's got like ten miles of trail in there, so even thirty or forty people is pretty spread out, but still! I've never seen "crowds" like that.

There would have been more people at our trailhead (or parked short of it, rather), but I saw two different cars reach the deadfall point and turn around.

This amuses me, because if they were driving up there to hike they gave up on going hiking because the would have to walk about a mile. Lol. I mean, maybe some of them were just out for a drive or something, but it still makes me chuckle to think of somebody going "Oh! We can't go hiking, we'd have to walk to the trailhead! Guess we'd better go home."

It was nice to get out in nature and do a walk other than the one around my immediate neighborhood that I usually do.

We used to go hiking every single weekend with decent weather, back in the day, and got up to the point where we were doing some pretty serious hikes, for just an afternoon out. I know it will be years and years before we can do that again, given the kiddo, but even doing the mile and a bit we did was very nice. I'd like to start making it a regular thing, and JJ seems to agree, so here's hoping. This entry was originally posted at

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