May 19th, 2002


Day of Rest

Well, today is Sunday, the Sabbath, the day of rest, and all that, and let me tell you, Sundays are a day that makes me glad I am strongly religious for more reasons than one. For one thing, I actually like going to church. I know a lot of my friends think church is boring torture that you do because your parents want you to, or because you feel you're supposed to, or whatever, but I like going. It's just a little uplift to my week. The other thing I like is no work, no chores, no hassle. The only thing I ever had to do was prepare my lesson, since I used to be the children's chorister, the one in charge of teaching the little dears how to sing. Lots of fun, but some work too. But they replaced me last week, so now I'm completely without obligations on my Sunday. So I'm pretty much loafing around.

They've formed a new young single adult sunday school in my ward, so I'm going to that now, and it looks promising, since there are a couple of cute guys in there. *grin* I might actually get a date out of it... I also sat next to an adorable little old lady in sacrament meeting today who has decided I'd be a good prospect for her grandson, so she's offered to set me up. Hopefully he's a nice guy, as I think I'm going to get at least one date with him. This is the second little old lady with grandson thing I've gotten. I'm not sure if I like this, or not. A date is a good thing, but little old lady set up blind dates... scary. Anyhow we'll see what comes of this one.

In non-religious news I'm finally coloring the sixth Shards cover picture for my friends over at Mysteria. Seeing as how we finished the whole Shards series months ago, this is long overdue. Now I just need to finish this one, finish the seventh one, and do the portrait I promised Graco... well, I guess I haven't gotten out of all my work because of the sabbath. Oh well, coloring is fun.