May 21st, 2002


Alter Egos

Well wheee, time for today's random ramble. I've been thinking about all my alter-egos lately. There's no doubt of the popularity of RPG style on-line alter egos, so many people have them. But what makes people get so into their other selves that they feel like their invented selves are real? I have several alter egos, but there's not a one of them I would really, actually want to be. Well, maybe I'd take Flame Song, if I could, but only because of her husband. *grin* He's definitely my type... He ought to be, since I invented him. Is that warped of me? I have PSL for my own charachter... And then my real life friend Aidan starts using him as his own alter-ego... Too bad he's already taken. (That is also a bit weird. Why have an alter-ego based on somebody else's character? If you're going to reinvent yourself, why not be original? Not that I mind his doing it, but I wouldn't steal somebody else's idea, I'd make up my own!)

Anyhow, I have a lot of fun playing these people in chat rooms, but honestly, I wouldn't want to become any of them for real. And yet I know people out there who do want to become their other selves, who actually start acting like them, dressing like them, talking like them... it's strange. I'll never understand some people, I guess. What's really scary is I almost married somebody like that, who seems to want to be somebody or something other than what he is. I need to find somebody who is firmly grounded in reality. I consider myself to have a good grasp on what's real. I may choose to spend some time in fantasy, but I choose it knowing it isn't real and never will be.

Well, I think that's enough on that soap box. In other news, I procrastinated the vacuuming at my "mansion" last Saturday, so I finished it today, which actually didn't take too long. I chat, I have dinner, I go to work, I come home, I chat some more, that's my day. Aidan might be coming over this evening, or maybe I'll go to his place, which will be fun either way. We can read over each other's shoulders in #crfh chat. So that's my news for today.