May 23rd, 2002


Imaptience and inconsistency.

Well, as I figured I would, I've gone and missed a day. I just can't consistently write in a journal, though I'm doing OK here so far. I just didn't get on-line yesterday. Why? Well, one of my long-awaited P. N. Elrod books came in the mail, that's why. So I was reading all about Johnathan Barrat, Gentleman Vampire. Wonderful books, those. However, I've been victim of an evil plot regarding P. N. Elrod books, that being, I can't read them in order. I read the Jack Flemming Vampire Files series all out of order, though I now own all of them, and when I got them all I re-read them in proper order. I decided I wanted to read the Barrat series in order, so first I bought the first one over e-bay, then the second, and then I found the last two on really good deals at the same time, so I ordered them both at the same time, thinking they would both arrive at the same time. Yeah, right. The last one came first! So, the dillemma... read this book I've been dying to read for the last month and get some spoilers on the third book, or have patience and wait for the third to arrive. You can guess what I chose! I have no patience. So, instead of indulging in my internet addiction, I indulged in my addiction to vampire fiction. Fun, fun, fun. It was a very good book, and now I'm just itching to find out the interesting details in the third book... Why does the mail have to take so long?