May 27th, 2002


Invasion, Boardie con, and net relationships.

My parent's house was invaded today by teenage boys. I had just returned from doing a little shopping and was planning on using their net connection (my ATT CD still hasn't arrived, so I have no connection of my own) and lo, the house was full of teenagers. They were noisily playing Mariokart, and one of them was playing Half-life on the computer, so my plans were foiled. Well, happens I've got a laptop, and it has a modem, so an experiment was tried, and I found I could use the familial dial-up from the lap-top, so that is where I'm at at the moment, sitting on the living room floor and typing away on this little thing. The boys have gone now, but my sis has since taken over the computer. We have way too many users and not enough computer to go around in this family.

That's one thing on my mind today. The other thing is relationships, a sort of perpetual topic of interest for me. Yesterday I treated you all to a little rambling about my RL relationships, today I'm thinking about net relationships. After the whole mess with seice I swore off of net relationships. Now I'm thinking over exactly how far I want to take my swearing off. I know that trying to have a serious romance long-distance just doesn't work, but I think a good solid friendship is more than possible. The reason I'm thinking about this is that I'm wanting to go the the CRFH Boardie Con, and if I do, I'm going to meet a lot of my net friends, and well, I don't want to be sucked into yet another messed-up long distance romance, but I do want to meet my friends.

All right, all right, yes, I'm talking about Cajun. Since everyone I know of who reads this thing also goes to #crfh I'm sure you all know about the two of us. *sigh* I like Caj a lot, but though I may virtually cuddle snuggle, I don't want to get mixed up in another romance. Ah, I don't even know where this ramble is going now. I just would like to be able to keep the good friendship we're developing without having it get messed up by unworkable romance.

Eh... maybe I should just delete all this. I've rambled myself into an awkward spot here. Oh well. *sigh* Why can't life be easy? Why can't I quit feeling sorry for myself?
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