May 28th, 2002


Boardie Con! Wheeee he he!

Well, parents have been talked to, Mai-li consulted, airfares compared, finances examined, and Caj. and I have had a good talk over a few things, and I've decided. I'm going to Boardie Con! I am just thrilled, happy, bouncing off the walls here. I've never been to anything like this. The closest thing I've heard of is the Clan Con with my RPG group, and I've never been able to go. I was a bit surprised, my Mom didn't even object. I guess now that I'm almost 24 she's decided that I can take care of myself.

And I've decided that this is what I'm doing for my birthday. I've thought and thought about things I could do, and nothing sounded like any fun, really, but going to Boardie Con is going to be my B-day present to myself, he he.

Boardie Con here I come! Wheeeee he he!
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