May 30th, 2002


Internet Addiction, and fang appointments

Well, today I'm over at Weber State U, and recalling why I used to do all of my internet stuff here. It has a few problems, but boy is the connection speed fast! Yesterday I didn't get on the net at all, there's something wrong with the familial dial-up at my parents, and my ATT thingummy STILL hasn't arrived. I'm going to have to contact them and see what's up, it's been waaaaaaay too long. So yesterday I didn't get on the net. Funny thing is, I didn't mind missing all of my comics, and not checking my e-mail, and I'm not doing a story over at my RPG right now, so I didn't miss that, but I was majorly bummed that I didn't get on to #crfh to chat. I was going to have a chatting and artichoking evening again, but no, I couldn't log on to the net. So I ate artichokes while playing Final Fantasy IV instead. It just wasn't as much fun.

So, I guess I'm addicted to the net if one day without it bothers me. Or at least I'm addicted to #crfh. Which is funny since half the time I don't really do anything in there. But it's just nice to have a place to go where you can vent your frustrations, or discuss weird stuff, or just be entertained by the weird stuff everyone else is discussing. If they'd just quit having these lengthy debates on things like X-files, Buffy, Computer science, Magic: The Gathering, and other stuff I know nothing at all about I'd like it even better, but I guess the people discussing those thing enjoy it, so I shouldn't complain.

The other big thing I did yesterday was to get myself a fang-fitting appointment. Since I couldn't get on-line that afternoon either, I decided to head over to the costume shop in the next town and see if I could get a hold of a good set of realistic vampire fangs. I've been wanting a pair for a long time, and it seemed as good a time as any to try and get some. So off I went. The costume shop was extremely cool, they had absolutely everything! But the only fangs they had were really cheesy rubber ones. The lady said they only carry the realistic ones close to Halloween. But, she added, if I wanted a really good set, a lot of dentists make them, so I should ask my dentist. Well, the dentist's office was on my way back from the costume shop, so I decided I might as well see. I felt a little bit weird asking the receptionists at the front about fangs, but they didn't seem to think I was a nut case. One of them even said "Well, I'd let you borrow mine, but they're custom fitted, so they wouldn't fit you." Imagine that. There's more vampiric types out there than you'd think. They said the dentist didn't actually do them, but one of the technicians did. So they put me in touch with him, and the result is I have an appointment next week to get an impression of my teeth made so they can make me a set of realistic fangs. Fun, fun, fun! I should have them in time to wear them to Boardie Con if I want to. So now I'm just debating with myself... go to Boardie Con as a mostly normal me, or go semi-goth and wear the fangs? Hmmm... decisions, decisions...
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