June 5th, 2002


Fang fitting and accursed computers

So today has been good and bad. I had my fang fitting, but I almost missed it. I forgot to re-set my alarm to an earlier time, and it went off about the time I was supposed to be there. So I think I set a record for fastest time from bed to getting in the car and driving off. I swear it was under a minute. I got there in time, thankfully, and they took an impression of my teeth, which involves gunky stuff that just about gags you, and you have to breathe through your nose and all. They were curious about why I wanted fangs so far form halloween, and I explained about Boardie Con, and how I wanted to wear them there. They all thought that was pretty cool.

So that was fun. I've got a second appointment next week to go in an pick them up. Wheee! One week and I can be a vampire and freak everyone out. (That's the point after all, isn't it?)

So also today I've confirmed that the thing crashing our computer has to do with the sound card. It's a real pain, since any kind of sound can crash it, even the ring of the internet answering machine, so when I'm on-line all it takes is somebody calling us to crash everything. *sigh* And I can't listen to music while I chat, darn it! Oh well, I'll survive... So that's what's up today. Hopefully we can get the sound problem fixed.
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