June 11th, 2002


Off work and out of my mind.

So today, today is is fairly blah day. Yesterday actually came out rather more fun than I had thought. For the last three months or so, ever since we hired somebody new, we've been behind at work. So we all madly worked extra hours (well, sometimes. Other times we slacked off as much as we could get away with...) trying to catch up, and this week we finally not only caught up, we got ahead. So since new paperwork all arrives on Tuesday, when we finished everything after just two hours on Monday, we all went home. Nothing else to do! Wheee he he he! So I was a complete net junkie and spent pretty much the whole day on-line.

I've noticed an interesting thing with my on-line alter egos, I kind of go through phases. My sort of default self is SPark, the purple dragon, whose beautiful picture accompanies these entires. But lately I've been being Flame Song, the giant firecat. Maybe it's because most of my net friends right now are furry... I haven't been anybody else really in a long time, though I need to resurrect Serapha for tomorrow when I get my fangs. She's my vampiric self. I haven't been Serapha in ages... Occasionally I wonder about the whole alter-ego thing. I mean a few of my other selves seem to have minds of their own, but I know perfectly well that I don't have Multiple Personality Disorder or anything like it, just an overactive imagination. Ah well... even if I am off my rocker I'd rather be crazy and happy than sane and sad.
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Burthday blues.

I felt like rambling on some more tonight. I keep thinking about my next birthday. It's coming up soon, on June 21, and for the first time I can remember I'm not looking forward to my birthday. I kind of find myself thinking "a year older, whoopdeedo." I'm going to be 24 and there are days when I feel too old. Most of my friends are 18-20, which is probably why. And for once I'm not having any kind of party. Even when I was a missionary my companion and I would do some little thing, but this year, nada. My parents aren't throwing me one, though I might get cake with dinner that night I suppose, and I don't feel like throwing one for myself. I can't think of anything to do, and I can't think of anyone to invite really that could come. Maybe one or two, but what kind of party has just one or two people? All of my good friends have gotten themselves married or moved away, or else are people I just know on-line. So anyhow, I'm not finding anything much to look forward to. Another year gone by, that's all.

So today I'm feeling a touch down about all that, and as if to add insult to injury my website had gone over its bandwidth AGAIN! What I want to know is, if so many people are accessing my site, why do none of them sign the guest-book? *sigh*

So I've decided to try and raise the funds to get the site upgraded. Heck, if Martiza can get the money for a new computer, I at least have a chance of raising the sixty or so it takes to pay for a year's worth of the premium service, right? I can wish anyhow. *grin* That would be a bit of a birthday present right there.
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