June 14th, 2002


Real Life, or something like that.

So today I have a date. This is a somewhat surprising thing, as I don't get a lot of dates... this one fellow has asked me out a number of times. I'm a bit wary here, as he is quite a bit older than I am, and I don't know if he's my type... but for the moment I plan on just enjoying things. I'll worry when things get a bit more serious.

The thing that surprises me is how sad I am about missing my usual lengthy chat time I usually have in the evenings. I'm going to miss it on Saturday as well (Halo tournament again! I get to blow people up, whee!) and I guess I'm getting addicted to IRC chats (especially the couch, he he...) It's surprising how much fun you can have while just sitting there typing, and how addictive cyber-snuggles can be. (And now I'm thinking of Sarel's D.A.R.E. jokes and blushing again, he he...) I converted Aidan to the cuddly side yesterday, he he. There's no resisting the power of the cuddly side!

So I've admitted to my addiction, but for right now I'm not going to go join any self-help groups. *grin* The time will come when the Institute of Religion will start classes again, when my parents will start building their house, when I go back to shcool inthe fall... but until these things happen I'm going to revel in internet addiction! *snuggle*
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Stood up.

Well, no not really. My date didn't stand me up, but the date did get postponed, so here I am on a Friday night, on-line again. *sigh* So much for real life. I'm off to go see if my foxie is on IRC so I can snuggle.