June 18th, 2002


Web comic progress

It's coming along slowly but surely. I sketched out a bunch of quick concept sketches for the first couple of pages, the banner adds, and that sort of stuff. (I think I'll do an animated trailer too.) And I hunted out some old character design sketches. They're mostly done by my brother. He's generally better at humans than I am, and also much better at costume design, so I had him help way back when I first came up with the six worlds concept. I'm going to get a website today, and scan in some of those early ideas. I need to re-draw everyone though and start adapting them to my style, since I don't have the bro. around to help me do this. I'm afraid the quality of the art isn't going to do justice to the story. I'm getting a lot better at humans and humanoids, and also several of the main characters will be non-human, but I know I'm not going to be able to draw this thing with the kind of quality I'd like. I'll post some of the old images. Then once I've re-drawn things to fit my style, I'll start doing the first couple of actual comics. You probably won't be seeing the comic itself for at least two or three weeks, but it's on the move and I'm excited. I haven't done anything like this in a long time.

I should be sleeping...


I never knew there were such great movies
On TV at three am.
I'd never guessed that at midnight Tuesday
I could have pizza ordered in.
I've never been a real night owl,
But these days I'm all turned 'round.
There's only one thing I'm sure of right now.

I should be sleeping,
'stead of keeping
these late hours
I've been keeping.
I've been pacing
and retracing
every step of every move.
Even though I'm
feeling so right,
I'm so happy,
still I know I
should be sleeping
'stead of dreaming
about you!"

*bows* Thank you, thank you!

There's my new theme song, replacing that "I wish the real world would just stop hassling me," song whose proper title always escapes me. *grin* Yep, it's late, I'm up, and I'm not going to bed anytime soon.

I was going to put up my comic site tonight, so I'd at least be doing something useful, but topcities is being a pain, so I can't. And now I've had to disconnect because my landlady is expecting a call. What I wouldn't give for my own phone line! Ah well. Such is life.

Other web comic progress, I've done the layout sketches for the book 1 cover page, prologue chapter cover page, first chapter cover page, banner, animated teaser, logo, and the first 11 pages of comic. Now I just need to get me some paper (can you believe I don't have any here right now?) and do the actual drawings. I've made it a habit ever since my design class last year to always do layout sketches before putting pencil to paper to actually draw anything complicated. It helps a lot, especially with a comic book format web comic where you have to figure out what size of panels to use and where to put them.

I need to hunt up some good reference materials. I'm going to borrow my brother's how to draw marvel style book, and see if I can turn up a good manga resource, and the Final Fantasy inspiration behind this lends itself to the anime style, and I also need something good on tigers, as the hero is feline, and I'm already having trouble with his appearance and poses. I do not want my cutesy style to dominate the comic, it's too serious.

And all this lengthy ramble is what you get when I'm sitting in front of the computer with no net connection so I can't post the darned thing, just write it. If I can't connect soon I'm going to end up writing another novel. *wanders off to see if her landlady had gone to bed yet.*
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