June 19th, 2002


Six worlds again.

This is going from the place where I ramble on about life to the place where I ramble on about six worlds and what progress I've made on it.

So, today's comic progress? I've got a temporary site at tripod, on an old page of mine. I'd add the temp site to my topcities account, but with the bandwidth problems I'm having there, I don't want to put anything potentially poplar on it, not unless I start getting donations anyhow. Still no progress towards getting that site upgrade.

I went on a shopping spree to the nearest book store and got a couple of reference books I've been wanting for a while. They'll help out a lot with the comic I think. (And how often do I have an excuse to buy art books anyhow? He he he.) I'm still playing with character design. I have some things to work out there.

In the mean time, you can oogle the temp site here:
Temp Six Worlds Site
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