June 22nd, 2002


All is well, all is well.

Ok for some reason I have the hymn "Come, Come ye Saints" stuck in my head, but the chorus of "all is well" seems appropriate for my current mood, so I won't complain.

Today has been a good day. No work, got a few things done, comic storyline is coming along, even if the art is still not going too well, and I've reached a happy conclusion on a personal problem I've been struggling with.

It's funny how you can be telling yourself you're handling things and it's all good and then you find you're staring at the ceiling at 5 am. and can't sleep... But now all is well and I'm happy, slightly sleep deprived, and a bit hyper. Oh, and hungry... but that's another story altogther and I don't feel like a long ramble tonight.
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    Emerson Drive, I should be sleeping.