June 23rd, 2002


Six Worlds again!

So today I got home from choir and stared blankly at the wall for a bit, as I realized I had nothing to do. No internet until the landlady has gone to bed, no urgent projects needing completion, so I finally sat down and drew! Got out my spiffy new reference books, hauled out my art supplies and had fun.

I finished drawing and inking four complete pages, though two of those are going to be in color, so I still need to do that. I also discovered that my sharpie is running out of ink and I need a new medium inking pen, as all I could find were the sharpie and the ultra-fine point. So off to the store again tomorrow, looks like. I want to do the banner and the promo animation, and maybe three or four more strips before I start it up, so we're looking at one more week, maybe two.

Now if I can just sort out my hosting problems I'll be all set.
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    Enya, the Celts.