July 3rd, 2002


All Night Long!

I am a night owl. That plus a touch of insomnia means that the thought of my going to bed before midnight is pretty ridiculous. Tomorrow however, is the 4th of July, and in good American tradition Reveille will be played around the town here at 6 am. (My dad got conned into doing it, and he's afraid some irate neighbor is going to come out and try to kill him for playing a trumpet at that early an hour, but now he can't back out.) And there's going to be a flag ceremony and breakfast and games and things. It should be fun.

So anyhow, I have a familial obligation to be up at least by 6. This means that at bare minimum tonight I could get 6 hours of sleep, but as I want to chat and do all my usual net stuff tonight, it's more like 5 or even 4, so I said to myself, to heck with that, I'll just stay up all night. That way I can't sleep through reveille (which is possible, I've literally slept through an earthquake before) and miss it all. So hooray for all nighters, I'm going to have fun! I've got Chinese take out beside me, grapefruit juice in the fridge, and popsicles in the freezer so I'm set to go.

I have a feeling I'm going to be really hyper by the time 6 rolls around... lack of sleep does that to me. he he he!
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Looooong night, will do many things to alieviate boredom.

I normally dislike religion quizzes just becuase they're generally too innacurate. I've taken others and just went "huh?" at the response, but in this case I guess the quiz is a good one, since I came up with what I am, so to speak. So I guess I can reccomend this one.

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