July 5th, 2002


Busy, busy, busy

Well, yesterday was a very full day. I successfully stayed up all night, he he he, and managed to be fairly coherent the rest of the day. I heard Dad go by playing Reveille and blowing his trumpet around 6 am. I walked down to the church and went to the sunrise flag ceremony, which was a bit long, but pretty good. Next I saw a parade, with my dad, brother, and sister marching in it, had lunch, went swimming, (I used up almost half a tube of sunscreen, as that's the first time I've been out in the sun all summer) went to a concert (Dad played in that too) and saw a pretty good fireworks display. After which I decided I might as well go whole hog and stayed up half last night chatting and catching up on my web comics and such, as I didn't get time to be on-line during the busy day. So I was up something like 43 hours without sleep. I've gone longer, but I usually keep a regular, if unconventional, schedule and I like my 8 hours. I haven't done anything like that in a while. It was fun, but not something I'll do often.

I'm today's news, I had a lunch date. There's a little old lady who's trying to set me up with her grandson, and he's been e-mailing me. I've dubbed him the world's most boring man, and he didn't prove to be any more interesting in person. I doubt we'll have a second date, I don't think he thought any better of me.