July 13th, 2002


Our first lack of update...

Well, I've been posting Six Worlds for all of what, four days and something goes wrong. I still don't know what. Anyhow, it's back, and has been updated. Hopefully this won't happen again, but who knows.

On other news, Yesterday was probably one of the coolest and most fun days I've had in a looooong time. It all began around 2 am. on Thursday. (Or should I say Friday?) Lin was on #crfh and we were talking. I'd pondered going to bed, but boy am I glad I stayed up. She mentioned something about going to Lagoon tomorrow, and I did a doubletake. Surely she couldn't mean the Lagoon I live like twenty minutes away from? So I asked, and that was indeed where she was going. I could hardly believe it. Well, this was a chance not to be passed up, so plans were made, a meeting spot set, and I told her to look for a purple hat, since I planned to wear mine.

Well, there were a few minor bobbles in the plans, but we met just fine and had a ton of fun. Lagoon is fun enough on its own, but when you add in meeting a fellow bordie (and such a cool person she is!) it was just a blast! I can just imagine the day at the amusement park near Mai-Li's place. It'll be like that times twenty! Whooo hooooo!

Today was also a fun day. The Ogden City Street Festival was today, and my brother's percussion group was performing, so I went. They do the trash can number that Stomp does, only they've modified it a bit. It's really funny, and they're very good. I saw them twice, then stuck around to look at all the fun stuff. Had dinner there and all. Upon getting home I discovered that I sunburned my chin. I was wearing my purple straw hat again, and it shielded all of my face except my chin. It looks rather odd.

That's my news for today. I have all kinds of things I should probably be doing just now, but I'm just hanging around #crfh and being lazy... Such fun.
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