July 16th, 2002


I might make a lousy vampire... *yawn*

Yay, I've got two new comics up. Now I need to get cracking on the next one. I don't know how people who do daily comics manage. This is really being a pain. About two more and I'll be going to the twice weekly schedule, partly because Boardie Con is forcing me to do so. I can't count on being able to update from there after all.

Ooo, speaking of BC, I finally got my fangs. I'll be wearing them to BC for sure. He he he! They're a touch longer than I'd really wanted, but quite real looking and very cool. I think I'll wear them on the plane over. *grin* What use are fangs if you don't freak a few people out with them, eh?

I've discovered why vampires have a liquid diet. I can't clench my teeth together with the fangs in. The angle of the fangs keeps my teeth apart, so there's no way for me to chew anything. I have to take them out to eat. Getting them in and out is a bit tricky too. And when they're in I've got a bit of a lisp. Hopefully I'll get over that, but I'm not sure... Oh well.

And shortly I will be off to bed. I need sleep. Much as I love the night life, I have to be up during daylight too often to really be a vampire. Heck, I almost have a tan, and I do have a few freckles. Undead creatures of the night do not have freckles.
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Good news and bad news.

First, the bad news. I'm getting kicked out of the cushy mansion basement thing. *sigh* Oh well, all good things must come to an end, and at least I won't have to vacuum the whole huge place anymore. So anyhow, I've already started looking for a place and found one good possibility. I have a whole month, so I'm not worried, I'm just annoyed because wherever I go will be twice the rent I'm paying now, so I may end up working again during spring semester. This year was going to be the year I just went to school and had some kind of life, but it looks like I only get one semester of lazing about before the funds run out. Oh well.

So, on to the good news! *poings happily* BC is is two days. Less than 48 hours from now I'll be flying into Grand Rapids, and it won't be long after that before I'm seeing all the crazy boardies at BC. Whooo hooo! I can't wait!

Also, in other good news, Six Worlds is going well. There will be an update tomorrow, (though I have to reboot the laptop before I can upload it, since I forgot to hook up the external floppy before staring it up) and I'll put one up Wednesday night for Thursday, but after that the next update will be next Tuesday, after BC, and from then on we'll be on the twice a week schedule. And let me tell you, these first few days have been a little slow, but now things are going to start happening.
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