August 3rd, 2002


*dies laughing*

This was just /too/ funny, so I'm sharing.

Today I've been having a goth day. Goth days are just what they sound like: I dress all in black, if I'm doing my nails on a goth day it's either black or really, really dark purple, (or the deep sparkly midnight blue I just bought... I'm a nail polish addict.) And now that I have fangs, I wear them too. So today I'm being goth, fangs and all, and I decided that my goth outfit needed some accessories, as I don't have shoes or jewelry that goes with it. So I went to the thrift store and got some shoes, and then I went to the mall with my sister in tow, (she's the cool one, who is also into the net, fantasy, dragons, RPGing, etc.) in search of suitable jewelry. I found a nifty deep red bracelet that actually fits me. (I have unusually small wrists.) And I found leather choker with a cool red heart pendant too. Very spiffy...

But that's not the funny thing. The funny thing happened when one of those phone guys that lurks out in the center of the mall started a sales pitch as we were walking by.

"Excuse me, could I interest you in... er..." He sort of stopped dead, did a classic double-take, and then pulled himself together. "Sorry, the teeth just threw me there... could I interest you in a phone?"

*laughs her head off all over again remembering it.*
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