August 8th, 2002


Purple Hat Day!

Today I went to a party. Not a partying party, but a little-old-lady party, and I actually had fun.

To explain: I'm a member of the Relief Society, the women's organization of my church, and they do these social things every so often. This one was centered around the purple hat poem (I've quoted it fully in this LJ somewhere....) and so everyone wore a purple hat. They had a little lunch, which was good, and then we played silly games. It's funny to see a bunch of little old ladies doing silly things. The bit that I think is especially funny is where we played this game with packages that were passed around, musical chairs style, and then whoever had it when the music stopped unwrapped a layer of wrapping paper, and whoever unwrapped the last layer opened the package and put on whatever was inside. I got one, and what was inside was purple kitty ears! With leopard-skin pattern purse and slippers to go with. He he he! This is so me.
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