August 9th, 2002


Guess what?

Unbeknownst to most people who have seen me in the last ten years or so, I actually have curly hair. I've always worn it long, so the weight pulls the curls out. But today... ah today, I donated most of my hair to "Locks of Love," a charity that makes wigs from real hair for chemo patients. It was weird seeing all this hair sitting there with a rubber band around it. I had a lot of hair...

And now my hair is not quite to my shoulders and it's short enough to curl, so it's all curly and cute. It bounces when I walk. I'm just having too much fun with this.

I'm sure you're all so happy for me... (Hey, I can be excited. this is the first time I've made a major change in hair style since I was about 12.)
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    This time around, Hanson.

Last day of work! he he he hehehe!

I am done with working for at least the next six months, hopefully longer. Whee he hehe!

I went to work in full goth outfit in celebration and rebellion against the corporate dress code. My supervisor laughed, saying that she didn't mind it on my last day. After all, she can't fire me.

Freeeeeee at last! *poings off hyperly*
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