August 15th, 2002



Have you ever sort of had somebody pigoen-holed away in your mind, though you knew what they were like and what they would do, and then suddenly seen a new side to them and been totally surprised? This can be in a good way, or a bad way. I've had this happen a couple of times, and mostly it's been in a bad way. *Wincing at the thought of a couple of really messy cases from the past* But I've recently seen a new side of a good friend in a new way... and it's good, surprisingly good. Astonishingly good even...

Life sure throws you some doozies sometimes.
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    The Best for Last (forget who by, playing in my noggin)

Time for AT&T to die.

Got my phone bill today, and I was /not/ happy to find that I've been charged long distance charges when I very specifically signed up for the "Free long distance, no roaming charges" plan. I am not in a good mood just now.

Not at all.
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