August 18th, 2002


Roller-coaster ride.

Up and down and around and this way and that, and my emotions are so all over the place the last little while that my mind is getting dizzy. Why? Partly just life, partly because this is that certain time that comes every month when I'd rather be male. Blah...

Anyhow, overall I've been doing ok. Had an absolute blast yesterday with Lin-Chan. Our little mini-mini-BC. We mall crawled and looked at all the odd stores (and, Lin being Lin, all the ones with cute plushies.)

I got a nifty new choker. I'm getting very fond of chokers. I seldom wear necklaces, but I really like these. Mom threw a fit when she say it, said I looked like a fantasy freak (which had me thinking, hello, that's what I am) and then accused me of dressing like my sister-in-law Amber, who is a bit of a tramp. Yikes! I'm not the height of normal fashion, but I also wouldn't be caught dead in a mini-skirt. Sheesh... Ah well. Love her anyhow.

I'll spare you the gory details of this last day... that's where most of the up and down has been, and it's been very annoying... gah. I did talk to Alfy on the phone briefly. That was nice!

Church tomorrow, must go to bed soon or I'll sleep through it again. *yawn*
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