August 25th, 2002



This vampire put her sunscreen on, but she burned like a crisp anyhow. Why is this? Well, I had a family reunion, and it was actually fun. We went to a mini-water park, and just had a great time. But I didn't bring my own ultra-strong 50 spf sunscreen, I used my Mom's 35 spf, and it just wasn't up to keeping this creature of the night safe. So I am quite red, especially on my shoulders, where I can tell it's just one step short of forming blisters. Yucky... (I sat around naked putting on Aloe Vera gel every half hour or so for a significant portion of today, 'cause having clothes against the burns just hurt too much. How's that for a brain-warping thought? He he he.)

In other news classes start tomorrow, so I will be on-line less often because a.) classes and homework will keep me busy, and b.) now that school is in this college town will have something resembling a night life, and I plan on trying to get out once and a while, even if it's just going to a dance... Don't worry, I won't leave the net scene entirely, I'm way too much of an addict for that, but you probably won't see me pulling these all-night eight hour sessions I've been doing of late.

In other news, I've decided to beat Final Fantasy VI, which my sister owns (she has the anthology...) I want to see the coll movie that's supposedly at the end. And it brings back memories of long happy hours spent playing III, which is essentially the same game.
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