August 26th, 2002



Oh yeah! I just spent the better part of five hours playing DDR. I've never played before, but now I understand why everyone is so nuts about it. Wow! Anyhow, I'm actually Ok at it, especially for a first-timer. I totally owned a couple of the other guys playing it, though there were two that payed on the hardest modes and boy... just watching them boggles the mind... I can't do trick mode, or most things on medium, and even on basic easy level I totally lose it on some songs. But still, so fun!

I plan to lure the bro. down here tomorrow and go head-to-head. Wheee! I bet I could cream him at least at first. I mean I've had plenty of practice today.

The DDR machine will be available for the next week... guess where I'm going to be spending most of my free time this week? Heeeee!

Man, am I hyper! And boy, am I going to be sore tomorrow...
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