September 6th, 2002



So last night I spent most of the evening with Gabriel and friends. It was mostly fun, but... well... Have you ever had that "all alone in a crowd" feeling? Gabe knows all these other people very well, and I just met him. And he spent most of the evening pretty much ignoring me. *sigh* And I was the only one who didn't get a goodnight hug...

Tonight I called him up, he said he was doing something or other, but didn't know what yet, and if it was something I could do with him he'd call me back. Guess who hasn't called? I wish I was better at reading people... I have no idea if he's just giving me a brush off or not, but it sure feels like he is.

This wouldn't be that annoying if I had /any/ other real friends, but since Gabe is about all I've got just now, I have nowhere else to go. I've called every single person I even remotely know... nobody is around, nobody can do anything... So I get to spend another Friday night on the computer. So much for having a life.
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