June 4th, 2003


The return of SPark. Well, sorta.

I just felt like randomly LJing, so I shall, randomly. And as this is long, here's the short of it. Read on for the long and short of it.

There was a duck!
I'm in a conspiracy.
My brother is an MIB.
Blood and Fire is nifty.
Singularity is cool too.

So... to add detail... I was over on campus tying up some loose ends from last semester, and I passed by the duck pond. There was, as might be expected, a duck. When I walked by, it got up. Now when people go near ducks, the usual response is for the duck, wisely fearing these large, unpredictable creatures, to waddle /away/ from the human. This duck however, waddled towards. It practically charged me and when it arrived it started assaulting my shoes. Seriously. It was pecking and biting my shoes and pant legs. Theory one is that it was hungry. Theory two is that it was up to some bizarre duckish plot, the nature of which I have no clue on.

So, onwards... I'm in a conspiracy. Yep. I'll leave it at that. Read JJ's LJ if you want more hints.

brother went off to the Missionary Training Center today to start learning Korean and other stuff needed to be a missionary (Or MIB according to JJ) in Korea. Lucky him. Korea. He was worried he'd get sent to Idaho or something, but he lucked out. It was a rather sniffly occasion, as none of us will be seeing him for two whole years. Also reminded me much of my own mission to Ireland. *sniffle* Bye Bro! God bless and good luck.

Next topic! Blood and Fire is my novel. My nifty fantasy book (with vampires) that's being published a page at a time on my site. Two complete chapters so far, and the end of chapter 3 is drawing near. This is pretty much just pluaggage here. Go, read.


So now I'm pondering what to do when BnF is done, and hanging around at #fleet has got me thinking sci-fi instead of fantasy for the next project. Specifically, there's a short story over on my site called Singularity that's pretty neat, and I want to dust it off and start writing more about the two characters there. What do you folks think?

And that's my random blabbing for today. Bye!
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