August 6th, 2003


So, this is either good news or bad, I'm not sure...

I won't be attending college this semester. Why? Well, that's a complicated sotry, but what it comes down to is 1. financial aid has no menty for me in time to pay tuition, and 2. my counselor told me that putting off graduation and student teaching one more semester won't hurt anything, so I'm taking a semester off. Guess I'll get a second job and work.

Bad points to this? Well, I've already been going to college on and off since 96, so it's getting a bit old. I want to graduate already! Also, lack of university T-1 line is bad.

However this has a good side too. For one I'll have more free time, even with a full time job, to work on projects, chat, and do other such stuff, so this is good.

And... *grins* There's at least a dim possability that some of you nice people out there might pass through Utah during this time, and well, I won't be busy...
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The good, the bad and the really annoying.

So today started off kinda bad, as I had to get up early, but got better quickly, since the reason for the earily rising was I got volunteered to take the small sibling to the Treehouse Children's Museum, which is much fun. I spent most of the time there building a tower out of these little pieces of wood they have. They're too small to really call them blocks. It was a spiffy tower. I plan to bring a camera next time I go and build a really big one and take pictures.

Anyhow, after that I worked briefly on The Project, which at the current rate will take about 6 months to finish. But as I anticipate at least a few days when I get into a project-ish mood and spend hours on it, it'll probably be done sooner.

After that I took a nap. Sleeeeeeeeep, yes, sleep is good.

Then up again, on the net for a bit, and off to work. Work today was bad. Grrrr... and annoying... and just plain stupid. (Yes, most of the rest of this is a huge rant. Feel free to skip it.)

Stupid thing #1: I use a rag to clean the mirrors. I was told today to use paper towels as they don't streak and rags do. Right. This while I was standing there next to a completely spotless and streak-free mirror I'd just finished cleaning with a rag. And since by the time I get to the rooms the garbage is already emptied, so I can't just toss the paper towels away, no, I have to carry them with me in an ever accumulating pile as I go. Bah.

Stupid thing #2: I was told when I started that we do not move stuff in the examining rooms. The doctor's things are not to be shifted in any way. You can lift and dust under them, but you must put them back right where you found them. So today I got told that I'm not going to extra mile and tidying, as I left pile of gauze bandages sitting out on the computer when they ought to have been neatly stacked on the counter. So apparently the rule is now "don't move anything unless of course it's untidy." Watch, next I'll get told off for moving something I shouldn't have touched...

Stupid thing #3: Apparently I'm supposed to clean the hallways between the examining rooms and the nurses stations. Right, and I was supposed to just somehow know this? They said when I started, "You've got such and such rooms," they never mentioned anything about hallways. So now I'm also in trouble for not cleaning my area, nevermind I didn't know it was my area in the first place. Bah I say.

*whew* There, that's out of my system now. Oh, and can I add that I'm starting the job hunt again? I want to find something I can stand to do, yes...
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