August 7th, 2003


Yaaaaay! *poingpoing!*

I may be getting hired at the Treehouse Children's Museum. This means I will be getting paid $6 an hour for what I'm now doing for free as a volunteer. Heeeee! Also, staff member informed me they have a polaroid for taking of intereting pictures, and told me that the next time I build a tower, I should go get them to photograph it. *grin* I think my next tower is going to be a true masterpiece... I'm pondering design ideas now. The potential and limits of the kind of block things they have are interesting.

Also cause for poinging, JJ will be arriving in just a few days.

Not cause for poinging is the fact that my paycheck is late. It was supposed to be here today. If it doesn't come tomorrow, hoo boy are the people in charge at Varsity Cleaning going to hear about it.
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