August 8th, 2003


CRFH comments

For once I have a comment on the current CRFH strip. I'm not putting it on the boards becuase I just don't feel like joining what I'm sure is a heated debate and argument, so I'll just say it here:

I always identified with Dave, rather than with any of the girls. Or at least I always used to. But as the story progressed I found myself being just a touch annoyed with him. Partly it was because he's been a bit spineless at times... but there was more that I coudln't quite pin down. Today, seeing Margaret's calm response to Dave and Blue's apparent situation, it suddenly dawned on me. I've been where Margaret is right now, in almost exactly the same position, and I felt almost exactly the same way! The thing that was annoying me about Dave is that he was acting like a couple of guys that have dated me and refused to leave me alone when I indicated that things wouldn't work. So now, despite the fact that I have no interest in guns (though a healthy fascination with sharp and pointy things) I find I suddenly identify with Margaret.

It's one of the hardest and also most annoying things in the world to have somebody who loves you, and all you can do back is break his heart...
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Wow. Just... wow.

Work generally had nothing to do with the high point of my day, but today it did. I was almost done, just polishing the drinking fountains, the last thing of the day, when I looked out one of the big glass windows and saw a perfect sunset. The sun had just gone below the horizon, and a low bank of dark clouds was shaded perfectly from gold through orange and red to a gorgeous purple.

And then, as if God just felt like completely making my day, a gigantic bolt of lightning slammed down right across that scene. I just stood there stunned for a moment, it was so beautiful. And then I moved closer to get a wider view and saw a huge bank of dark stormcoulds, with red on the undersides from the sunset, coming in, lightning sparking back and forth among them. It was just the most gorgeous and amazing scene.

I drove home with lightning all around, and now the rain is pattering on the roof and I can still hear the ocasional mutter of thunder.

If I drop off-line tonight, the sotrm got the power lines, but I won't mind one bit. I will have been worth it.
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